A little advice

Ever since I started photographing all the back in 2010, clients and other photographers constantly talked about not knowing how to shoot plus size people. Here is the tea, you just photograph them as they are! The human body is so beautiful in all different forms. There is no magic answer or formula that you need to follow. The same way you would use the most flattering light for anyone else is exactly how you would work with light for someone plus size. Now if you are working with a client that has something they trying to conceal you must communicate openly with them and at the same time make them feel confident about those insecurities.

Express your insecurities!

Dear clients, please express your insecurities to your photographer! There are all kind of tricks we can use to help you feel confident and beautiful. Photographers, if your client says they are insecure about a certain part of their body don't just hind them behind a tree. Clothing and blankets are a good way to hide certain areas while adding texture to your photos. Photographers should also make sure they are moving side to side or standing a bit taller then their subject to see what angle suits that client best. Not all plus clients are the same your first couple of shots should be used to test the best lighting and angles for that client. You can have your client move their body in different ways to help find that flattering angle. I also find that telling the client that "they look amazing and these photos will turn out amazing" helps and gears them up to have a positive response to my next tip, show them a photo that you love during the shoot. This will boost their confidence and if they have a problem they can tell you right then and there and you can try other angles. Even though our jobs at photographers is to know how to artfully capture a subject I personally love collaborating with my clients; this can make them feel not only better about themselves and your skills but also feel an attachment to the photos (which is good for IPS photographers or anyone who sales galleries).

How to dress for your photoshoot

Clients, wear something that makes you feel confident...that's it! We all have outfits that make us feel gorgeous and that should be the outfit you wear. For my clients I like for them to send me picture of their favorite outfits so we can pick out a location to suit their look. Just remember that the more comfortable you are in an outfit the more your personality will show in your photos. Also take in account how the weather will be that day, lets be honest if your wearing a spanx under your dress in 90 degree weather your going be miserable. So maybe a flowy maxi-dress would be good that day. Whatever you choose to wear just remember; You are vibrant, beautiful and worthy of having amazingly beautiful photos.

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